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How to get both your prospect’s attention and interest immediately.

quickly grab attentionTo get a consistent flow of new customers you have to get both your prospect’s attention and interest immediately.


How do I know this?


Well this is the topic of a great article by a colleague of mine as he writes about the work of another business colleague of mine. 



Of course you probably often see people talking about “my good friend” when what they actually mean is someone they met for a few seconds or who is paying them to promote their product!


This is different.  I’ve known Dov Gordon for several years now and Srikumar Rao for for about a year.  Srikumar is US based, is a former professor at Columbia Business School and is a TED presenter.  Dov is a business coach, is based in Israel but has clients worldwide.  We are all part of the same MasterMind group, exchange regular emails and take part in monthly phone conferences.  These guys know a thing or two about how to grab their prospect’s attention and this article explains the basic principles you really should consider applying to your business.  

I use these principles in my business and they work.


To read the article go to How to get clients to knock on your door


To get my personal advice on improving your marketing, or for an introduction to Dov Gordon, contact me now.

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