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How do you market … a city

Marketing cities is no different to marketing anything else and this question reminds me of another question I was asked previously by the media .. and that was how to market a country.


Whatever you are marketing you need to look at matching what you have to offer and what potential "buyers" want or need (these aren't the same as you can see in my article about whether people want or need a Mont Blanc pen). 


Benefits not features sell cities

But you have to think about his not in terms of features but of benefits.  So it isn't enough to say that in Worcester you can go to a museum that focuses on Royal Worcester porcelain.  You have to promote the benefits of the museum.  For example you can see examples of Royal Worcester porcelain from its inception in 1751 … etc etc  … and that this is available nowhere else in the world. Then you need to add the "edge benefits" such as that the parking is great, the location is just off the motorway, that you can buy great localy produced food nearby .. you have to paint a picture that is irresistible.  

Then you need to use as many relevant marketing channels as possible. Not just an ad in the local paper!! Go online, go on radio, go on TV .. and I don't mean pay for adverts (the clue is in the fact that today's interview on radio cost me no money .. I was invited onto a programme that will be heard by tens of thousands live and is available as a download.


Why you need a marketing plan to market anything


Whatever you market you need a well defined marketing plan.  From what i see the city of Worcester has something they call a marketing plan.  But sadly it contains a lot of research, profiles of potential visitors but no real detailed plan of how they will market.  

Marketing plans should be based around the actions you wil take and be SMART.  For example we will advertise xxx to this age group on Facebook, between these dates and our measure of success wil be at least xxxx clicked links that result in xx sales. 

That is a marketing plan that is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.


If you've come across this post after my interview I'll post more information about what we covered in the live interview shortly.  



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