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“Every Battle is Won Before It’s Ever Fought” – 2019 Update

In business, as in battle, we need to prepare and plan well in advance.

Being Chinese SunTzu would probably have concurred with my previous post about Marketing and Chinese food.

You probably also heard about the British Army’s 7Ps …… Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents P*** Poor Performance and no doubt they learnt that from SunTzu (I’m told he is required reading at Sandhurst).

So planning and preparation are important in cooking, business and battle. 

But is isn’t as simple as that.


SunTzu wrote about the need to understand your enemy .. what you and I would call competitors.

You need knowledge of your competitors.  What are they good at, what are they poor at, what are they planning, what is their strategy, what are they promoting? And a lot more.  By doing this you can discover chinks in their armour and see where you can beat them. Maybe that means a new strategy or a new product or service.  But analysing your competitors is one angle.

There is another angle to understand. 

Your customers.  What do they want?  What do they need?

And don’t assume they know what you do.  If you are a wedding photographer do they know you also do portraits?  If you sell laptops do they know you also do repairs .. and vice versa.  Well you get the idea.  Your customers only know about the things they know about.  So tell them more.

While you are about it ask them what is challenging them at present and see if you have a solution or can recommend someone to help.  Both of these build your reputation with them.


So before you go, what is your biggest challenge at present?  If it is a marketing challenge let’s have a chat as I can probably help you.  If it is in another field I might be able to recommend someone to talk to.   


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