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Direct Mail: The Social Status Factor

You might think it is hard to sell high value items by direct mail; but it may not be so hard as you think.

The thing is it is probably best to give the reader more information than you can put into writing in the mailer.  So make your call to action a move onto a website complete with the social proof, video evidence etc needed to ensure the sale.


The Social Status Factor

Oh, and about that status factor.  When times are hard some people want still want to buy expensive items as they “prove” the value and importance of the owner.  Your role is to make this easy for them .. and that is the purpose of the direct mail piece (at least as a starting point).

So a letter that extols the virtue of an expensive Rolex watch and then bounces the reader to the Amazon website where it is for sale can work.  Amazon gives that aura of respectability and credibility and takes away the fear you are going to a dodgy site. 

And if you don’t think Amazon sells high price items then here is the surprise for you. As I write there is a Rolex on sale for £9,999.00.

Alternatively, if you are well known you don’t need Amazon. You can take them to your own website. 


Will people buy expensive items online?

The most expensive thing I ever bought on a website was a new car.  I knew the spec I wanted, found an online retailer that could do it at a lower price than my local dealer and spent a very large sum on a new car (I did take the precaution of only paying a small deposit via a credit card online and then paid on delivery.. I’m not stupid!).

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One Reply to “Direct Mail: The Social Status Factor”

  • Great post. I agree people will make each expensive purchases online if given the chance . I sell items with a ticket value of 8-10k and sell good numbers online.

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