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2500 year old Marketing Advice from Stefan Drew & Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu was a Chnese Gneral who dispensed the same information and advice as Stefan Drew2500 years ago Chinese General Sun Tzu devised a series of military strategies that are relevant to your marketing today.


You might have heard of the book, The Art of War.  Apparently it is required reading at Sandhurst and West Point, but did you know the strategies and tactics it covers are just as important to your business marketing today as it was in the military operations that Sun Tzu was involved in?

One thing that Sun Tzu taught was that it is better to win a war without going onto the battlefield.  In marketing terms I compare this with it being better to defeat a competitor without going head to head in the marketplace.  The latter can be very expensive whereas if you can determine exactly what your customer wants, can promote it to them without your competitor even noticing you and be banking your profits before they wake up in the morning you will prevail!


In terms of discovering what your customers and prospects want ask them at the till, ask them online and ask them when dropping them a regular “keep in touch” email.  Your competitor will never notice this.


Now you have an idea of what people want promote and market it to them via PPC ads, your website, joint ventures and other under the radar means.  The chances are that your competitors will not even notice your activity.


And if you really want to win then advertise to exclusively to your competitor’s customers.  You can do this on Facebook! 


Sun Tzu might have been a General but he knew a thing or two we can apply today.



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