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Why Cooking Chinese Food & Marketing Require Similar Skills


Cooking & Marketing are About “mis en place”.

When I’m not marketing I like to relax by cooking.  I love to cook Chinese, Thai, French, Indian and a host of other cuisines.

It is one of those things I like to do very well and I’ve invested a lot of time and money in it.  My mentors have all been chefs that work in Michelin starred kitchens .. people at the top of their game.  

These guys have also taught me some important marketing lessons as well.

You see when you cook a dish like Singapore noodles it only takes a few minutes in the wok to transform raw ingredients into a wonderful dish with different textures, amazing colours and layer upon layer of rich flavours. 

So it is a bit like writing a really successful bit of marketing and sales copy or producing a webpage .. it doesn’t take long.


The Hidden Truth about Marketing and Cooking

But that truth hides another truth.

You see behind any chef’s great dish are years of learning and hours of preparation.

Before I cook amazing tasting Singapore noodles I’ve spent weeks learning about this type of cuisine (a chef spends years and can cook me into the ground!).  I’ve also prepared all my ingredients and laid them out so they are at hand as I cook this ingredient for 25 seconds, then add a splash of spice and ingredient number two and cook for one minute, then in goes the next ingredient  .. well it can be quite a rapid fire and complex process that the professionals make look so easy.  

The French call the preparation “mis en place” which literally means “putting in place”.

And so it is with marketing.  Before you can produce that great piece of copy, that incredible web page or that stupendous sales letter, .. you have to put everything in place.


Marketing Magician Insight

Quite simply; great marketing doesn’t happen in the few minutes it takes to carry out the final act.  It is in the preparation that goes before. 

And insight number two is that much of the preparation happens in your head.  Not only do great chefs have to consider mis en place, they have to have rehearsed the process of cooking in their head many many times .. until they can do it for real. 


If you’d like to have a mentor to teach you great low cost marketing, get in contact asap. I’ve one place available in the next few weeks and don’t know when another vacancy will become available.

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