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The August Business “Pause” is Time for You to Become an Expert?

Is now the time to get a mentor or acquire new skills?

Is now the time to get a mentor or acquire new skills?

The August Business Pause is here and the many customers are on their annual holiday. Those that aren't are covering for colleagues and much too busy to phone, email or drop in with an order. 


From the end of July into September a lot of people in the northern hemisphere take a break.  The result is that your business could become a bit quieter and you have time to catch up a bit.

Of course this isn't a dead time.  Now is the time to do a six-month review of your annual plans and see how you are doing against targets (hopefully you also do this at least once a month .. perhaps even once a week).  It is a time to review your direction and to take stock of any new skills you need.

How Can I Acquire Business Skills?

Skills can be acquired in many ways.  There is a plethora of great videos on YouTube, there are millions of websites containing information and there are still lots of books worth reading.  

The problem is that time is short and  sorting the great advice from the puerile and inaccurate is time consuming.  That is where a mentor can help.  Mentors can help you define your strategy, develop your skills and increase your profits.

I mentor a number of people.  With my help they've grown their startup and established businesses from a low level into very profitable businesses in a relatively short time.  They now know how to prioritise what will really grow their business.  They have developed the skills needed to take them to the next level and are now working on their business far more effectively.

August is a good time to find a mentor and develop your business. 



Where Can I Get Expertise & a Business Mentor?

If you'd like to develop your business give me ring.  Let's see what you need to do to boost profits and have a more relaxed life confident in your ability to make a good living for you and your family.





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