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How Business Predictability is the Key to Business Success

Membership card for clubPredictability is the Key to Business Success.  And You Can Create Predictability in Your Existing Business


There is nothing worse than not knowing where the next customer is coming from, where the next months profits are coming from; or even worse not knowing if there will be any profit.

Seeing into the future is something people have wanted to do since the dawn of time .. now you can!

Or at least you can make your future far more predictable if you market your business correctly.   Here is how you do it.


How Do You Get Predictable Marketing Results ?

Easy, you run marketing campaigns that provide consistent results, week after week, month after month, year after year.  In a recent webinar I did with Mike Seddon I said I’d been running one client campaign for five years.  The campaign is via Adwords and for five years it has pumped out the same constant flow of results month after month.    It is consistent, reliable and predictable.

OK, the results do change a bit at Christmas but other than that one month (for about a ten day period) it is otherwise very consistent.  Each week we pay about £20 for an ad campaign, and each week we get a predictable handful of really highly qualified leads go to my clients website.  Of these a predictable proportion of them convert in to customers.  


A Seam of Business Gold

This is a seam of endless business gold.  Say each client is worth about £3000 and many of them come back for 3-4 years.  So the lifetime value of each of them is between £9-12,000 and all for an investment of about £20 a week. 

This sort of predictability lets you sleep at night.  It ensures the bills are going to be paid and keeps the bank manager at bay.  It also ensures you have no overdraft or borrowings, lets you take great holidays and live in a nice house.

How much you spend is up to you and how many clients you need.  And this isn’t about some sort of pyramid selling or scam.  It is about applying basic good marketing practices and doing it well.

In the above case I’m using Google Adwords to generate this stream of predictable leads. But any form of marketing that gives consistent leads is OK to use.  For example you might use direct mail, email, referrals or whatever else you feel comfortable with.


The Key to Consistent Business Leads

The key is to run a campaign that is measurable; to test variables in that campaign and to keep tweaking the campaign until it produces a reliable source of referrals.  Of course if you get it right from day one there is no money to lose as you further perfect it .. PPC ads are good from this point of view.  But if you follow the basic rules, even if you get off to a shaky start, it will not be long before the results are predictable.


If you want advice on producing a predictable stream of customers to your business, give me a call and lets see what would work for you.  Call now, it costs nothing to talk.  

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