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How I Became An Amazon Best Seller in Five Countries

Can You Become a Bestselling Author? 

amazon best selling author in Germany
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My answer has to be yes.  You have to be able to produce a readable book that readers will find compelling of course. But you are an expert at what you do and could do this .. OK, you may need your draft copy edited by a professional (but most published authors do that anyway and it isn’t cheating).  You really ought to have your book professionally proof read as well .. but that isn’t so expensive as i expected and no one will recommend or enjoy your book if it is full of typos.


The real issue once you’ve prepared your book and uploaded it onto Amazon (I went for Kindle as uploading is easy and there are no printing issues) .. the real issue is promoting your book.  There are millions of books on Amazon and the number is growing all the time .. so promotion is essential.


How to promote your Amazon book and become a best selling author

Creating Business Growth Amazon best seller
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My method is quite simple.  I turned to the power of referrals as my main promotional tool.  I asked a number of people to review my book and if they liked it to recommend it to friends and colleagues.

The foreword to Advertising Secrets was written by a good friend, Mike Seddon.  Mike is also an Amazon best selling author and his support has been invaluable.

I’m also fortunate in that I mastermind with some great people.  There are several dozen people in the group and they are based in many countries and time zone.  They have many clients, followers on social media and other people to which they could recommend the book.  Do something similar (and you could do this via a trade association, LinkedIn group or similar) and the effect becomes viral, with the numbers seeing your book growing rapidly.  The real secret of this is to concentrate all your promotional effort into a few days and to do it globally.

At this stage I’d like to thanks all those mastermind members for their support and help .. especially those that wrote Amazon recommendations; Steve Gordon, Justin Kane, Mike Seddon and Chris Geogan.  Thanks also to David Morphew and Hannah Williams for their Recommendations on Amazon.


More Promotional Ideas for Amazon and Kindle Books


Creating business growth UK best selling book on Amazon
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I also tried advertising on Facebook .. and spent £20 on this!  I’ve always said you don’t need to spend a fortune on any form of marketing, and I practice what I preach.   The real point with Facebook was that I could focus on people that had pre-qualified themselves as being business owners.


Of course plenty of posts on my website helped as I have my website set up to automatically post to social media such as Facebook and Twitter .. no point in doing this manually when techology will do it for you.

Email blasts were also used .. it would be remiss not to let everyone that knows you miss out on your book!


You could fill a book with Kindle ebook marketing ideas


Creating busienss growth was a number one bestseller in Canada on Amazon
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The whole promotional campaign would fill an ebook .. now there’s an idea .. involves several other methods and would fill many pages with details of how to make each method really contribute to becoming a best seller on Amazon.

There is one thing I’ll share now though. That is that once your download numbers start to grow then Amazon starts to promote your book.  They push it up the page when people search in your category, they tell people that bought one book that other buyers bought your book … and so it goes on.  More importantly they indicate your place in the Amazon Best Seller list  .. and people buy what is high in the lists.  So this is a bit like getting up the Search Engine Results Pages on Google .. it is vital.

Of course your time at the top may well be short lived .. I’m already dropping in some lists as other great books become available for the first time.  But this is your opportunity to get a book in the best seller list.

If I can do this on Five Amazon sites .. and get to number two in Spain, number 15 in Italy and even number 41 In India .. so can you.

So go for it.  Get writing and enter the bestseller list yourself.

PS My next book is already being written .. and promises to be even better than the first


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