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Advertising Secrets is Now Available on Kindle

My latest marketing ebook;

“Advertising Secrets: Essential Advertising Tips
That Advertising Sales Reps Prefer You NOT To Know”

is now out on Kindle.


Priced at £3.08 it is regarded by those that read the advance copies as extremely good value.


You can see a sample ………or buy a copy

on Amazon  .. just go to Advertising Secrets on Kindle


Or if you wait a few days I’ll offer you a free copy direct from Kindle … with a second Amazon best seller marketing book thrown in as a bonus.


Can you wait that long?


The complimentary copy is time limited.  I’ll be emailing subscribers of my regular Top Tips newsletter when it’ll be available.  So to ensure you get a copy of that email, request my Top Five Marketing Tips … see the blue request box to the right.  (NB I don’t sell, rent or give away your email address to anyone .. and you can unsubscribe anytime).



So look out for the email and get your complimentary copy of Advertising Secrets  or buy one now at Amazon



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