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What is a Twitter Follower Really Worth

I’ve just had an email saying today someone is following me on Twitter.

Great you might think.  The more people that follow you on Twitter the better surely. 

Well, Yes .. and NO.



I checked out the latest person to follow me and she is following 56,743 other people.  I guess getting her attention is going to be a bit of a problem.  She can’t actively follow everyone of us every day can she …. and still find time to wash, dress, work, shop etc.  No way.

I’m not saying Twitter followers aren’t worth anything but it is so easy to click on the follow button.  Some people do it because they know Twitter etiquete means many people follow those that follow them.  So the more people you follow they more people follow you.  But of course these followers are next to worthless if they are following thousands of other people.

Email is a bit different.  If someone takes the time and effort to fill in their name and email address … and go through a double opt-in process  their is a much higher chance that they are serious about following you.   So my advice is, unless you have a system for ensuring everyone that follows you on Twitter does so for the right reasons and will pay attention, prioritise your time with an email list.

Email is still one of the most effective forms of marketing … and probably will be for many years.

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