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How to Use Facebook Hashtags by #StefanDrewe

If you want to use existing hashtags that is fine … or you can invent your own.

If you invent your own I have one
bit of advice.  Keep the hashtags short and meaningful. 

#StefanDrewe is easy to find and remember and I’ve mnow bagged it in the headline of this post. 

It also works as it aligns with my Twitter handle, @StefanDrewe .

Be careful when
inventing a new hashtag.  Make sure the hashtag is original and not
already in use by someone else .. if not you’ll get all sorts of cross
over problems.


Watch this space for more info on Facebook hashtags.  And don’t worry if you can’t see them yet.  They are being rolled out globally as I write and will be with you soon.

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  • Among the many uses for hashtags on Facebook, which the social network introduced last month, Alon Alroy, founder of event application Bizzabo, believes dedicated hashtags are essential for events. Alroy shared his tips on how to best use Facebook hashtags to promote events with all Facebook.

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