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Does Traditional Marketing Still Work

Does this mean that Yellow Pages are no good? 

Not at all. Yellow pages are stil good for some business types; especially those that supply services to people in trouble.  So plumbers and electricians find them good for distress sales when people have a burst pipe or no electricty.


Marketing channels like hard copy direct mail (snailmail) are actually better in some cases.  So few people get well written letters (or even sales letters) that when you get it right it can really work.  A few years ago we produced a mailing for a client that obtained a 23% response rate.  This is exceptional but proves it can be done if you focus on the detail get everything right.

Likewise social media isn’t perfect.  Being followed on Twitter by someone that is following thousands of other people isn’t a licence to print money and never will be. it makes you wonder what a follower on Twitter is really worth.  

The only way you will know what will work for you is to test and measure a number of marketing channels.  I usually advise people to start with the free marketing channels and test several each month. 

Pick out the ones that work for you and focus on them.  For most businesses this means starting with a website (yes they can be free or at worse very low cost), using media releases and then look at high quality, effective email.  Offer your clients free advice and help and don’t keep trying to sell to them.

You don’t think  keep writing these free advice pieces on my website for fun do you?  They work by demonstrating the value I can give and by building credibility. 


What about Sales Messages in your Marketing?

But there is nothing wrong with the occasional sales message; and on that basis let me tell you that i have two mentoring slots available.  You could buy a few hours of my time, “borrow my brain” and over 30 years of marketing experience and have effective marketing channels up and running in a few hours.

All you need to do is contact me and we’ll discuss what your objectives are, work out what you need and how I’ll explain how I can help.  No pressure .. you can walk away at any stage .. but not checking this out would be a big mistake …. you’ll never know how you successful you could have been.  

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One Reply to “Does Traditional Marketing Still Work”

  • We tried yellow pages and never got a single customer. All we got were people asking us to advertise in the local paper.

    online ads have got us more customers and are cheaper.

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