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1/1000 of a second Equals Gold .. and Business Perfection

That is not to decry any of the Olympic athletes.  To compete puts each and every one of them amongst the best. But the difference between Gold and Silver is often fractions of a second; someone told me in one case it was 1/1000 of a second.  And the difference between a Gold and fourth was often a very small amount.


In business terms that means being just a bit better than competitors.  One percent better is a huge margin in these terms.


Think about this.  If you improved performance by just 1% every day how long before you quadruple turnover or profit?


Do the calculation before reading any more and remember to compound thr results as you calculate it. You are going to find it doesn’t take long at all.


Now take a moment and think about how you can get a fraction better at what you do.  What actions are needed?  How will you measure success?


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