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How to Increase Business Profit with Upsells: The Video

In my last blog on this topic I explained that Upselling is a very simple way to Increase Your Business Profit and that it didn’t take a lot of effort or expense.  I went on to explain that multinationals like MacDonalds and Amazon make millions every day from upselling.

Then I posted a audio recording on the topic.

That audio has now been heard in many countries and the response has been good.  But some people don’t like audio .. they are more visual and want to watch and listen.  So the audio has been converted into a video .. and here it is.


Before you watch it it might be worth reflecting that turning the audio into a video took about 15 minutes.  The advantage of doing this is that it now gets listed on YouTube where millions of people are searching each day, it ranks far higher in the standard Google search rankings .. and many people like video.



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