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Understanding Social Media Could Help Your Business

What will work for you?  To understand this topic a little more come to the event at Bedford College on March 27th 3013.


Details are on the pics to the right  .. or read on 


More details …..

Social media details pt 2Speaker: Eric Swain, Client Services Director at Equinet Media, Broadcaster of ‘The Social Media Show’.


    Why social media


      • Understanding the importance of the social era
      • Growth in channels
      • Growth in adoption
      • Examples


      Before we think about using social media


      • Culture
      • Craft the “Why”
      • Case studies


      Success with Social Media – how to deliver business results/good outcomes


      • Leads -> Revenue
      • Customer care
      • Product Development 
      • B2B vs B2C
      • ROI
      • Case studies


      Building a social media programme – professional, structured approach


      • Processes and best practice
      • 5 steps, diving into each
      • Case studies



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      One Reply to “Understanding Social Media Could Help Your Business”

      • Well I believe that social media is really something that all businesses should make their presence. Simply because we are in this age and that we must conform to the current norms of the society.

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