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How to Advertise on SatNav at nil cost.

Advertising on SatNav is free.Advertise on SatNav GPS at nil cost


Many SatNavs have a Google search facility built in to them E.g. the TomTom Go series.



The free ad depends on you registering your business on Google Places.  SatNav ads are ideal for any business where people may travel to them via a vehicle.  For example, hotels, restaurants etc.  but it also works well for dress shops, florists, doctors surgeries etc.  


Registering your business on Google My Business is free.   

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2 Replies to “How to Advertise on SatNav at nil cost.”

  • Hello Mary

    If you check Google maps for your address and then search for florists you come up on the map. This is a good indication that you will already appear on SatNav systems that employ a Google search facility e.g. some TomTom models.

    Having looked at your website, after finding it via Google maps, you might also consider using video on your site.

    This doesn’t mean employing an expensive film crew as you could use some of the beautiful photographs you already have on the site, but add a bit of movement with gentle scans and zooms. People love movement so video enables you to tap in to this.

    You could do videos for your colour, sentiment and occasion collections. Add a good soundtrack and you could put these videos YouTube, Facebook etc. as well as your website.

    With posting to your website, Facebook and YouTube being free this could be very cost effective.

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