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SEO: What Webdesigners Forget to Tell You … Then Want to Charge You to Remedy Later

This is quite a common question; I get asked this several times each month.

would expect a good designer to run though all the normal SEO factors
with you before the site was designed.  For example I would expect him
to advise you on a good url (website name), advise or help you on
keyword research, show you how to include your keywords in the page
titles and build a site where these are included in the meta tags (I’m guessing you are writing the copy not him .. so you need this advice).   This
is all basic website design good practice.  I’d also expect him to add alt
tags to any pictures, ensure the site has good navigation and that the
layout makes sense to humans.

I’d also expect him to advise you on things like incoming links and internal links from relevant anchor text.

Finally I’d expect him to submit the site to the search engines so that it is available to them to crawl and index. 

A lot of the above is ignored by many designers who think it will
not be spotted by unwary customers whom they can then offer extra

There is a case for additional SEO work in some
cases, but there has to be a specific reason for this and n
ot because the
basics weren’t done.

Having looked at your site I can see very few images with full alt
tags; it just says image324 or similar. The same page title is used on
many pages – each should be individual. 


More specific SEO advice

As your site sells fashion I’d suggest each page of items
from the same designer also has a one or two sentence intro to say what
is on the page e.g. Our stock of Tatty Devine necklaces are essential
inexpensive stylish fashion accessories ideal for today’s busy woman.

All this is simple SEO and can be easily remedied by yourself at no
expense .. it doesn’t need a webdesigner.  As your site is designed
using WordPress you just ask for the password and get on with it.

also suggest you update your blog at least once a month.  Your last
post was Dec 6th and you only have two categories. So why not add tips and advice
on choosing accessories or a dress, add news of new ranges, etc etc and
reference all these to blog categories and post them on Facebook,
Twitter etc.

I’d also liven up your newsletter sign up .. hiding down on the
bottom left isn’t going to inspire many people and the wording is poor.
It doesn’t offer anything like sign up to advance notice of our special
offers or fashion tips.

My tack with your designer would be to get him to list what he
advises you do and give a price.  If he doesn’t mention any of the above
I’d worry.

Whether he should have done them initially depends on
what you asked him to do and your contract with him.  Your site looks
OK but is extremely basic and probably did not take long to design.


PS to see what the web designer offered follow the link to Poor SEO Help From Webdesigners 



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