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The Little Black Book Goes Digital: Are you an Authority?

Little black bookYears ago all reporters had a Little Black Book full of contacts.  Today that little black book has gone digital and when reporters search for an authority the digital black book is searched.

Something in the world of “authority” I had suspected for a long time was confirmed yesterday.


It started with a call from a freelancer writing for the Sun .. he wanted a comment on an article he was writing about the John Lewis Christmas advertising campaign. Then came a call from Radio London …… Vanessa Feltz wanted to interview me live on air a second time. Then came a call from a  BBC Radio Scotland producer; Kaye Adams wanted to interview me about the Starbucks corporation tax story.
All this happened in 24 hours …… and I’m just the guy next door!
Well, the Sun guy found me via a website, and I turned down down Vaness Feltz as I had a meeting when she wanted to interview me. (I’ve been interviewed by her before so was happy to decline this time).
But Kaye Adams intrigued me as years ago she did a one hour interview with Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher, has been anchor on Loose Women, competed on Celebrity Masterchef and won Celebrity Mastermind.  So she sort of made the grade.
I’m also interested in the John Lewis story and it is very very big news in the UK at the moment. Think of this as a vague form of advanced newsjacking and you’ll get my drift on why this works.

The Revelation

So what was the revelation. Well years ago reporters kept a little back book of contacts. That has now gone digital and is shared by others. Apparently Radio Scotland picked me up as the BBCs “little black book” said I’d been on 5Live, Radio 4, Radio Three Counties, Radio Derby, etc etc etc ….. on the subjects of marketing, brands and advertising.
So the moral of the story is that once you have been on one radio show (and presumably not disgraced yourself or them) you are an authority and will be called by others. I often suspected this and assume it also applies to TV.
So your “authority” and PR challenge is to get onto just one radio show .. the rest will follow.
PS Want to hear what I said on air?  Find my notes about Starbucks tax story and how it has lead to customer boycotts by clicking on the link.

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