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Change Management Part Four: Use League Tables to Reward Success

Change management can use league tables to reward or name and shame. Sometimes the carrot and stick approach can both be sued at different stages of the change management process.


To be able to set up league tables you first have to have KPIs and outcomes that can be measured.  They you need to measure them and report back on the success or failure of individual sections or people.


You might start by recognising success and handing out “carrots” that reward success.  People hate to be at the bottom of a league table so often respond by trying harder.  Of course this isn’t going to happen when people oppose the need for change and more severe remedies are called for.


This more start with simple name and shame but a more sever but proportionate response may be required where this fails.  HR advice is well advised at this stage.   It is as well to ensure that the powers that be support any action you might take at this stage .. hopefully you are working very closely with them and have their full support.


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