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Change Management: Seven Secrets to Ensure Change Happens – Change Management Part 1

Change Management isn’t just something that happens in large companies; change is something that happens in very small businesses as well.   Marketing brings change as does running a business on a day to day basis.


So what are the Secrets of Change Management?


Step 1


This is so simple it is frequently forgotten.  Decide what it is you are trying to achieve; determine the end point and why you are making change.  What is it you are tying to achieve.


Now map out the steps you need to take to get there.


You need to keep this simple but include all the actions you need to take to achieve your objective.  Be a bit pedantic and think of a simple task like making a cup of tea.  You need to get a kettle, put some water in it, boil it, get tea pot, get some tea bags or leaves … well you get the idea.


The list can be one of simple actions but it needs to be detailed enough to ensure you have a series of steps that, when accomplished, will achieve the task.


Some tasks need to be done sequentially. For example you can’t boil the kettle before adding the water.  But other items can be done in any sequence … you don’t need to wait for the water to boil before getting the tea pot or tea! 


So that is step one … now you need to consider the other factors that you need to include to ensure success.  These include motivating the people involved in the process.. employees or suppliers.  This is important if you want to be successful and well cover that in the next few posts.

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