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Marketing Success: Simplicity, Segmentation and Timing Are Powerful Marketing Techniques

How to plan the perfect marketing campaign


Some of the UKs environmental charities demonstrate superb marketing strategies and techniques.

One of these is the Woodland Trust, which is a charity that cares for Britain’s ancient woodland and trees.


Learn their superb marketing techniques by reading the rest of this post.

Britain’s trees are in the news at present.  Dutch elm disease devastated the landscape some years ago and now there is a fungus attacking Ash trees.  Prior to that, and still current, are problems with Oak trees.


So how is the Woodland Trust using marketing to address environmental disasters?  


Superbly is the short answer and in the next 5 posts I’ll show the techniques they are using.  These are all techniques any business can also employ.


How to perfect a simple marketing campaign to achieve success


This is the essence of the Woodland Trust plan: –


1. On 24 Oct 2012 at 08:29 the Woodland Trust issued a media release entitled “Chalara ash dieback confirmed in mature woodland.”
This hit the national press and was covered in papers, on radio and TV.
2. They also sent out a mailshot to carefully targeted households across the UK.  The mailshot was a superbly crafted document that gave the facts, sought information via a survey and then encouraged membership of the Woodland Trust.
3. On Sunday November 4th 2012 they reminded people of the plight of woodlands with an advert in the national press.
The whole campaign is simple, well designed and timed and segmented to perfection.

Well designed marketing documentation


The cover of the document sent to selected householders is simply but well designed, – you can enlarge the picture above by clicking on it. 
It has lots of white space,  bright colours and eye catching images and a simple title and message. It obeys the AIDA rules of advertising and virtually compells you to open it and read more ……
Over the next few days I’ll continue my analysis of the campaign that in my opinion created the perfect storm. Watch this space to learn how you can emulate a perfect marketing machine in action.


To read more about the Woodland Trust’s Marketing Campaign here are the full set of page links   


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