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Marketing Success: From Survey to Signing Customers Up

Moving casual interest to the “buying” phase requires careful planning.  Calls to action have to be strong but these will never work if you haven’t moved them interest into buying mode.


The Woodland Trust did this by taking visitors though a survey that predisposed visitors to buying.  This has been covered in the previous post “Marketing Success: Provide Facts that Convince” and the next page they see a very strong call top action .. a monthly direct payment form. 



The sight of a direct debit form can easily frighten people off .. so it is vital that the previous information has pre-disposed the reader to wanting to part with cash.  The Woodland Trust help this process by stating in earlier pages that the cost is only 9p a day and now drive that message home by adding the statement,  at the top of the form (in a green bar.. the colour for woodlands and go!), Yes I want to protect half an acre of Britain’s native woodland.  Note the use of the word “Yes”, a word that the previous pages have conditioned people to reply.  They also use emotive language like “Britain” and “native”. 




More importantly they use  the word “half”.  Who wouldn’t want to make such a small gesture .. you aren’t even expected to pay for a full acre .. it is just half an acre. It would be petty not to .. wouldn’t it?  


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