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Marketing Success: Provide Facts that Convince

The facts you provide in your marketing literature need to be convincing.  Your prospect needs no reason to doubt them whatsoever.


In their recent UK Woodland Survey not only did the Woodland Trust produce a page with very convincing facts about the demise of woods, trees and wildlife.  They then went on to back this up with a survey that provided a series of facts and surveyed opinion about them from the reader. Again the facts, and questions, exerted an influence on the emotions. 


Having tapped into the emotions the last question is “Would you consider joining the Woodland Trust and helping us to protects, restore and create more native woodland.”


Having seen the clear graphics and read the strong copy the answer to this is a “no brainer”.  Few people will answer NO.  The answer has to be YES. In the next post I’ll show you how the Woodland Trust then leverage that answer to move you to the next phase.


In the meantime however let’s consider some of the words and phrases that are used to put forward the case for woodlands.  Firstly, quite accurately, they refer to “ancient woodlands” which is a far more powerful concept.



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