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Is Your Marketing Art or Obscenity?

Is Your Marketing Art or Obscenity isn’t something many of us ever consider .. but perhaps we should?

Verity is the name of the Damien Hirst sculpture that has recently been installed in Ilfracombe.  Ilfracombe is a small coastal village in the south west of England.  When I recently visited Ilfracombe the sculpture was still being installed and still had barriers around the base as it was being welded in to place.


The sculpture has two aspects .. viewed from the first it is a plain sculpture  whilst the second side is a cut away and shows the internal organs of the pregnant woman and her foetus.


Read on to discover how this relates to marketing.


Personally I find this sculpture an obscenity.


And when it comes to modern art I’m not alone.  A recent survey of eminent art gallery curators found many of them saying they also found much of modern art inpenetrable and of dubious value.  Apparently they only display it because the media expound on its value and the public then want to see it.


It seems to me this is a bit like the Emperors Clothes.  There is no substance to the assertion of quality and value , but every one believes it must be wonderful because a few experts say so.  To me that is also an obscenity.


My tip is to consider using controvery where it can benefit your business sales

The town of Ilfracombe is the real winner when this sculpture is considered.  The sculpture is being visited by thousands of people .. and the more controversy there is the more visitors flock to see it.  Business is booming in Ilfracombe.  


Verity and the controversy around her got me thinking about marketing in general. I see and hear a lot of people expounding on the latest marketing fad that we simply must buy in to.  On the digital marketing scene social media is one that comes to mind whilst if we think traditional marketing I stil get told I can’t possibly be profitable unless I go to networking events.


Both social media and networking have their place and work for some people but they aren’t a panacea

for most businesses.  In fact I’d go as far as to say that in most cases they don’t work at all for many small and medium sized businesses … usually because they are badly executed without real understanding or plan.    


To me this smacks of marketing obscenity!


If you are to attempt to market effectively you need to learn the basics; test , measure and improve your attempts and stop/review if it isn’t working.  Repeatedly trying something that isn’t working just because it isd the latest fad is not going to take your business forward.



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