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SEO Secrets: Google Penalises Too Much Above the Fold Webpage Advertising

Google's Page Layout Algorithm (Top Heavy Algorithm) is designed to improve customer experience by demoting sites that have too much advertising above the fold.

Google knows that if customer experience is good on a website then visitors will stay longer and value their visit and the information they find.  Conversely they know that if visitors find a site or page that is full of ads, especially above the fold, they are likely to leave very quickly.


So Google doesn't want to promote sites that give a bad customer experience as it reflects on the Google search engine .. and Google could make less money from advertising. So it is penalising sites that have pages top heavy with ads. Apparently only about 1% of English language sites are affected.  not many .. unless it is yours.  Watch your advertising above the fold .. and keep it under control.

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7 Replies to “SEO Secrets: Google Penalises Too Much Above the Fold Webpage Advertising”

  • lol
    I’t funny that Google penalizes websites that have advertising above the fold when they do the same thing.

    Once upon a time, the search results mainly consisted of content drawn from non-sponsored sources all across the web.

    Now, the top places in the search results delivered by the Google search engine consist of their own ads, paid for by their customers.

    By their own reasoning, will internet surfers start to favor other search engines because they are being bombarded by sponsored results on Google?

  • Hi Tammy

    I’ve heard other people say that. There is a certain logic in what you say.

    They of course would say they put relevant ads on search pages and that is not the same.

    You are right of course people vote with their mouse these days .. and they could go to other search engines. But which ones?

    Social media the same .. full of ads

    I’ll just observe and highlight situations as i see them arise.


  • Hi Niche blog

    True .. the world is a perverse place!

    Google is free to use and they make their own rules …we can always us eother search engines if we wish .. somehow I’ll keep with Google though


  • Well I think we have to abide by Google’s rule because we are ranking our businesses in Google’s SERPs. I don’t say that we should not bother to rank with other search engines but our business would suffer then.

  • Lisa

    I agree Google SERPS is the holy grail in most countries but get it right on google and there is a very good chance of good SERPS on Bing and many of the other sites.

    the one thing people fail to realise is that google will show them the results it thinks they want to see…. so it is easy to think you are on page one when you in fact aren’t.


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