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Public Speaking: Don’t Fear Speaking in Public on Radio or in Front of an Audience.

Stefan Drew - The Marketing MagiciaSpeaking in Public needn’t be daunting: How to Speak in Public.


I regularly speak in public both on radio and in front of audiences that consist of anything from a handful to several hundred people; so I understand how frightening this can be.  The way I overcome my fear .. and the way you can as well  …. is to follow these simple steps. 




1 – Prepare thoroughly.  Think carefully about what you are doing .. and why.  I usually prepare weeks in advance and always run through my notes or slides many times before the event.
Remember —Proper preparation prevents pretty poor performance.
2 – Arrive early, check the venue for lighting, seating, and technical problems. Anticipate questions.
3 – Make sure if you need anything extra, projectors or similar that they arrive early. Test them several times.
4 – Have any reminders on small cards in your pocket.  Sometimes I use a single acronym written on a csard to reminder me of the points I need to cover.  No one sle need to be able to see this .. just put it on the desk in front of you or pinned up in your sightline.  if you are in a radio study you can have a few notes with you but try to restrict them to one side of A4 and DON’T read them out over air .. they should be prompts and NOT a script.

5 – Dress well.  Wear clothes that make you feel and look good as this boosts your confidence (even on radio)


6 – Build rapport, create great first and last impressions.  This applies with your interviewer if on radio or with your audeince if on “stage”.  Remember that at these events  you are “on stage” all the time .. even during coffee breaks.

7 – Take three deep breaths a couple of minutes before the start .. and again just as you are about to start.

8 – Recall a time you felt fantastic, keep that in your mind.


9. Remember you are the expert and people are there to hear you because you know your stuff (this is why preparation is important)


10. Go for it.  And enjoy it.

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