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Business Techniques and Tips from Olympic Gold Medallists

It was interesting to see Victoria Pendleton talking to her sports psychologist, Steve Peters, in the velodrome. She had been disqualified in one race and a few minutes later had to ride in the
team event.  Psychologically she must have been low.  In her head she had just confronted failure and now she had to go out to compete again.  She needed to have a positive mindset that could envisage Gold.  The help Steve was able to give her clearly helped as she went on to win Gold.


Having some one to support, coach or mentor you is an essential in any business.  There are lots of self styled coaches out there that don't offer much help .. and then there are some really good people that can help you win Gold.  If you need help with choosing someone to coach you pleas contact me as I know some Gold Medal level people that can really help you win Gold in your business. 



Remember, "Who you spend time with, is who you


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