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The Sad Story of the Printer Who Saw Red


Printer who failed the quality test with poor quality printing

Poor print quality killed this printers chances of impressing potential customers with high quality work


During various BBC interviews I've often told listeners that Most Marketing Doesn't Work. 

Sadly it is true; most marketing doesn't work and here is a true story about a marketing campaign that I recently saw that was probably one of the millions of marketing failures that occur every day.





The golden rule when demonstrating your work with free samples, talks, giveaways or similar is to ensure the quality is superb.  This is your chance to excel with excellent quality, customer service and a host of other things that will impress your prospect enough to want to do business with you. Remember that last impressions count as much as first impressions.


The Printer that couldn't print

A few days ago a printer sent printed postcards to thousands of potential customers (the picture opposite shows two postcards one above the other).

The only problem is that although they added the street name, nearest town (but no village or area) and postcode; they forgot to add the recipients name or company name. 


So when the postcard recipients looked at the card it wasn't clear who it was addressed to.  So in a large organisation it wouldn't leave the post room; and in a small organisation people are just going to regards this as the worse sort of junk mail going.  So first impressions weren't great.


But it got worse.

Spot the Difference

Remember the postcards were from a printer.  So we would expect exemplary print quality to demonstrate their skills.  Not so I'm afraid.  Look at the picture above – if you click on it it will expand and you can see the detail.  Look at the quality of the printed words "red, white and blue".  The words are blurred.  Worse still look at the red ink pot in the Olympic rings.  If you recall the picture shows two cards, one above the other; so why if they are the same pictures is the top red pot different to the bottom version?  Poor quality printing seems to be the issue.

Last Impressions Failed to Impress

So while you ponder this, remember that you need to demonstrate exemplary quality when demonstrating your expertise.  While you are doing that I'll ponder why they sent me two copies of the same postcard!


Perhaps we'll now understand Why Most Marketing Doesn't Work.  It fails because it is done so badly.

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