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Cross-Dressing Cuttlefish: Are You Using the Same Marketing Techniques?


Cross – dressing cuttlefish are excellent at advertising

Here is a marketing lesson from cross dressing, lieing male cuttlefish that multitask and deceive.


Cuttlefish lie, cross dress and deceive when communicating with a potential mate.  Not something you want to copy perhaps .. but perhaps there are some lessons to be learnt.


You probably know that cuttlefish communicate by changing colour.  Not just that but some males attract females with a display that sends pulses of coloured stripes across their body.  It is spectacular.


The females adopt a more passive and subdued range of colours.


If another male comes near then thy can continue sending pulses of vivid colour on the side nearest the female and become quite dull on the side nearest the male.  Clever hey.


I'm grateful to Culum Brown at Macquarie University in Sydney for this information .. Culum and his team have been observing cuttlefish for six years.


Using Cuttlefish Techniques in your Marketing


As marketers we can also fool our competitors into thinking we are dull and inactive.  One of my clients has just stopped all their outdoor advertising and cut backl on newspaper ads.  Their competitors probably think they are struggling or losing their touch.  Nothing could be further from the truth.


What they are actually doing is increasing spend on more effective online marketing.  Of course their competitor can''t see this side of their activity.  For example to see their campaigns, these are aimed at young people on Facebook, you would have to be a young person and on Facebook. Their promotions and ads aimed at professional people about to retire are triggered by keywords and the age  of the searcher and it is almost impossible for their competitors to see these ads .. magic stuff even when suggested by a Marketing Magician eh!


Not only are the competitors kept in the dark; the return on investment is far far better.


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