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I’ve just billed a UK nationally-recognised client for a branding project I masterminded for them.  Well actually they were a well established company that wanted to rebrand with a new name.  This project was fascinating as we went through all the questions, myths and fallacies associated with branding and rebranding.


Firstly changing your name is really dangerous.  There has to be a really good reason to do this .. don’t do it on a whim.  Some companies change their name due to the bad press and vibes associated with the old name.   Following the LIBOR, mis-selling and other scandals I can see several banks doing this quite soon.


My client wanted to change as their previous two word name was never used by their clients.  Their clients always referred to them by the first part of their name only .. so they followed their customers‘ lead and choose to be recognised by the one name.


This then meant the website needed updating as did all their paperwork (not just letterheads, they had to think invoices, etc etc .. over 80 pieces in total). Then signage needed changing .. that was in their buildingring and outside and on vehicles and .. well it was a long list..


Next came social media .. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn .. all needed changes.


Then came .. well the list was long  and they paid me well to project manage the thousands of things that needed doing.  


But they hadn’t rebranded!



What does rebranding involve?


The reality is that branding is all about how your customer perceives you.  Anita Roddick described it as the space the company occupies in the customers mind!


Branding is really about your image, how quickly you answer the phone and sort out problems (ensuring you get no customer problems, is high on the agenda here), your actual customer service, quality of product or service .. well again the list is huge and is what we have been working on with the above client.


How well does your brand hold up to scrutiny? 

Do you focus on the logo or the real features that make up the brand?

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