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What is most effective way to market your business?

I was recently interviewed for an Australian business website on "What is most effective way to market your business?"


The whole interview took 15 mins but here is a distillation of what I said ….  Read my interview notes.

Define what it is you want to market – many businesses are too vague about the products or services they have on offer.

Define your target audience – who are these people, what do they read, what websites do they visit etc. – this helps you decide where to advertise or promote your business, product or service.

Based on the above use the right media – paper, magazine, website, social media.

In the majority of cases you will need a web presence. Usually this will be your own website but it could be that a Facebook, LinkedIn or similar presence will be enough.
In all cases your web presence must look professional – it is often the first impression you make .. and if it isn’t right your prospect will leave immediately

Focus on the benefits your product or service offers NOT the features.

For some businesses local networking groups are an excellent way to raise your profile and market your business.  You are unlikely to find the CEO of a multinational at a local networking group; but they also network, but at clubs, professional events etc.

Produce a written marketing plan and review it regularly, a marketing plan that sits on a shelf or in hard drive is of no use to your business.

Use PR wherever possible to raise your profile.

Use free marketing strategies/channels/techniques wherever possible.

Make it clear what the prospect/networker/reader needs to do next, provide them with clear instructions and contact details.

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