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More than 50% of Retailers Are Missing Out on Click and Collect Opportunity

More than half of the UK’s top 50 Retailers are missing out on Click & Collect .. and the figure reaches nearly 100% when Smaller Retailers are included.


If is often said that not all customers want to buy online.  True, they don’t.
But lots of them research products online and, when offered, will use a Click and Collect function if offered. 
People like to check prices and other information online and when they see what they want they will either buy online or use the Click and Collect button.  Some even prefer Click and Collect as it can be much faster. 
In the UK companies like Tescos, Sainsburys, John Lewis, The Garden Centre Group and The Trainline offer Clcik and Collect.  For these companies it has become a major moneyspinner.
For many smaller businesses Click and Collect hasn’t taken off and they are missing out on a huge slice of the retail market.
Our advice is to start thinking like a shopper and not a retailer.  This will give the customer a better customer experience and boost your sales figures.  So think and act upon Click and Collect now.

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