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Is Your Business Product or Service Pricing Structure Clear?

What price these pots?

How do you know the price of these garden centre flower pots?

How do Customers Know the Price of Your Business Products or Services?


It might appear an obvious question when I ask it, but how do your prospects and customers know the price of your products? 


Your answer will probably include answers like …. it is clearly marked on our website, details are given in our brochure, our products carry price labels .. or something similar.


That's fine if the customer can understand the website, brochure, price label .. but often , even though price is obvious to us, the customer has a problem understanding the price.


Websites are often confused with lots of options, brochures provide complex tables – think villa rental wites for example, there are  options for time of year, number of bedrooms, number of people, well it is often confusing.


Even the flower pots above gave many people a problem.  I stood next to them in the garden centre and asked several people if they could tell me what price they were.  No one could.  that waqs despite the price being on the small red label on the shelf edge.  The problem is it was printed in faded black print on a red background and was illegible.


So here's an exercise for you.  Before you leave this page list all the places your prices appear.  Then go and ask someone to look at it and tell you what price the product or service is at each location.  Test even the most obvious ones as like the flower pots above even the most obvious ones may be problematic to your customers.


Let me know how you get on.



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