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Adwords Secrets: Setting Ads Rotation

Understand the Latest Google Adwords Improvement

Google are forever improving their Adwords programme and to be honest it takes some keeping up with.  Here is one of the latest Adwords innovations.


When you set your ads to rotate evenly they used to do this for ever (or until you stopped them), now they only rotate evenly for 30 days and then need resetting.  If you don't reset them they start preferring the ad with higher Click Through Rate.


A lot of people prefer the higher CTR but if you are working on the best conversion rate then you need to pay attention to this change or you will lose out big time.


On ad groups with low traffic, this may work against you.


The best work around this problem is:

Pause your ads then un-pause them, this triggers the 30 day clock to reset.


It is a bit of a pain to have to do this every 30 days so put a note in your diary  or you are likely to forget.


Try it now before you leave this post.

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