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Stop confusing your customers


How to confuse customers. Why provide an ashtray when you don’t want people to smoke

Do you confuse your customers?


I recently took an overnight ferry to Spain.  In our cabin was an ashtray: I wondered why, when smoking has been banned so in so many other places, it was permitted in the cabin.  Then I noticed the paper insert in the ashtray which banned smoking.






I’m a non smoker so it didn’t concern me.  But I was confused by the presence of an ashtray that forbade smoking.


Why supply an ashtray if you don’t allow smoking?  I got to wondering how many other things businesses do to confuse their customers .. and came up with a long list.


Our aim should be to create desire for our products but often having done this we then confuse them.  Businesses confuse customers with impenetrable instruction manuals, brochures and websites; a lack of price tags, hidden extras, poor signage, automated phone systems, and a host of other problems for customers.  


Do you confuse your customers?




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