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Montblanc Pens: How to Create Customer Desire for your Products or Services

Are Mont Blanc pens a luxury?
The Montblanc pen shop in Lisbon: where expensive pens are desired rather than needed

When you write a note do you need a Montblanc pen?

When people hand write notes they can use a pencil, biro, roller tip, felt tip or fountain pen.  Any of these will leave a mark on the paper and get your message over.  So, in simple terms, to write a note we need a pencil or pen. But some people prefer a Montblanc.


Pens and pencils are quite inexpensive items.  They also last quite a long time so no one is going to get rich selling a few pens. So how can you make much profit from pens and pencils .. or any other low cost product or service?  I took a lesson from Montblanc when I visited their Lisbon shop.


How to make a profit selling pens.

The trick is to move from what people need, a simple pencil or pen, into selling something they want!  You see no one needs an expensive pen when a low cost pen, maybe one they’ve been given, will do they job.  But create the desire for something exclusive, expensive or hard to get and you can create a desire where prospects decide they need this and will pay almost anything for it.  


Montblanc have perfected this changing need into want.  Their biros and roller tips retail from around £210 with fountain pens retailing around £280.   


Montblanc have taken this basic principle into other products; including leather belts at around £140 and that is before you look at their jewellery and other products.


How to learn about pricing from Montblanc

Montblanc can teach any business a lesson in marketing and pricing.  Create a want rather than a need and you can start to charge the prices that Montblanc charge.  Continue to fulfill needs and your price will need to compete with every other low cost supplier where customers are buying on price rather than quality, service, want or desire.


How can you create customer desire for your products or services?

If Montblanc can create desire for expensive pens when a freebie ball point will also do the job then it is highly likely that you can for your business service or products.  It needs a bit of lateral thinking but is is definitely possible.  In my own case I only take on a handful of private clients each year; I’m reassuringly expensive but clients report that their profits soar after a one to one session with The Marketing Magician.  In the last few days I’ve taken on one extra client and have just one more place available; contact me if you’d like to learn how to market your business .. and we can work on making customers desire your products or services.  

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One Reply to “Montblanc Pens: How to Create Customer Desire for your Products or Services”

  • I have use Mont Blanc mechanical pencils for a long time. Unfortunately both the pencils suffer from same mechanical failure despite having paid for repair of one of them once. I would appreciate if the issue can be resolved and the failure does not occur repeatedly. Your assistance is solicited.
    Anil Sunger

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