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Free Marketing Ideas: How We Doubled Online Sales

How to Increase Online Sales


With billions of people going online every day Online Marketing is now established …. and very competitive.


Businesses of all types can sell in the online world and that includes traditional retailers, such as Henley Water Gardens, who have seen online sales grow at a significant rate for several years.

A few years ago, Jacqui and Pete at Henley Water Gardens ventured into online sales and starting to sell products.  Not satisfied with the volume of sales achieved they asked us to help them.  Using some fairly simple techniques, in one week alone, we managed to sell twice as much product from their website as they sold in the whole of the previous year.


The next year we more than doubled sales over the previous year. This year, to date, sales are  up 29.89% and we have several months to their year end in which to increase it yet more.


How did we increase online sales so dramatically?




We applied all the ideas we talk about in our marketing workshops.  Simple things like improved metatags, better page layout, improved content …. there is nothing difficult to master, just simple ideas to implement.      


The Henley Water Gardens site has a lot more potential and a lot more work is needed but it is realistic and achievable .. you site probably has the same potential.   


Above are just some of the simple ideas I cover on my marketing workshops and over the next few months I’m running a limited number of marketing workshops aimed at businesses like yours ……. and I’d like to personally invite you to attend one.



If you’d like to attend one of these events, or would like details of an event near you .. (in the last year I’ve run events in the UK and Europe) contact me now.



PPS I’m also taking on three more people on my one to one marketing mentor programme  .. phone me for details.

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