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We use cookies to help us to: –

  • Provide our website visitors with a better online experience and effective information.
  • Provide us with general information such as from which country the visit is coming from.


We do not use cookies to: –

  • Identify individuals by name
  • To gather personal information about an individual (unless express permission is given)


We only gather an individual’s information when we have expressly requested it and the individual has knowingly supplied it by, for example, typing it into an online form.


As you may be aware, recent EU legislation requires websites to gain visitors’ consent to use certain cookies. We’re working to implement appropriate changes to our website as soon as suitable advice on what is acceptable has been established by the appropriate authorities.


Until the EU clarifies the legislation continued use of this site will be used to signify that you are consent to our use of cookies in this way.  Due to the lack of clarity on the legislation many websites are suggesting that users that do not consent to the use of cookies should leave the site and clear any cookies from their cache.  We endorse this action and suggest you follow the above.  

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