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Are QR Codes right for your business?

Qrcode request top 5 marketing tips QR or "Quick Response" codes have been around for many years.. Recently there has been a flurry of interest in them once again, so they might be worth looking at again.  People seem to be adopting QR codes to show their customers that they are on the high end of technology or to provide more in-depth information.


It's important to keep in mind that QR codes are just a type of 2D Barcodes.

My guess is the majority of us first saw a QR code in a magazine, product package, billboard or even a business card. They are appearing everywhere.

The benefit of a QR code is that it provides a way for our prospects to engage with us and take immediate action – easily!


The problem with QR codes is that they do not always provide customer value.  in fact they can become very frustrating.

So ask yourself a few questions.
Who are you trying to reach with your QR code? You need to determine this before launching your marketing a campaign.


Also ask yourself who is the typical QR code user?

I think they are often

  • Male
  • Aged 25 to 54


Generate your QR code today – you might just be glad you did!


To see an example of where QR Coses are being used effectively follow this link to Selling Property with QR codes

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