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Advertising Secrets: How to effectively advertise your business

How can businesses advertise effectively?


Journalist Janine Griffiths recently interviewed me about a whole range of marketing issues.  My answers will appear on a number of websites over the next few months.  Here are my notes on the question about how business people can advertise their business.


Sadly, most businesses believe advertising is expensive and not very effective.  This is often based on a bad experience where they haven’t followed the basic advertising rules. For example many don’t adequately define their target audience, use the right media, focus on their product or service benefits rather than features, not make it clear what the reader needs to do next, provided clear contact details etc

Focus on the basic rules, (see above) and online and offline advertising can be extremely effective.


Today there is a need to consider online advertising as well as the traditional off line advertising.


People now carry out research about the products or services they want to buy via search engines; so running adverts on the search engines is a very effective way to connect with prospects when they are in research or buying mode. 


On the Google search engine Google Adwords is one way to ensure you get on Page One of Google; it is low cost, you only pay when someone responds and it is very effective.


Facebook is the place to advertise to young people (and increasingly adults) whilst LinkedIn is the place to advertise to professional people.




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2 Replies to “Advertising Secrets: How to effectively advertise your business”

  • The combination of traditional and modern advertising techniques might also work! In the internet, uploading videos and news is a plus to make your company visible. Well, who says commercials and news are just seen on TV? It’s in the net, too!

  • Hi Adeline

    I agree. A mix often works very well as mentioned above.

    The interview was specifically about advertising but to market a company (not just advertise it)I’d also suggest use of many of the other marketing channels I mention elsewhere on this blog.

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