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Yell Advertising: Visits to website profiles don’t mean sales advertising can be profitable provided you check a few points


You have to admire the people that sell space in Yellow Pages and on because they are very good at what they do.  I frequently get calls from prospects that have the rep from Yellow Pages coming to see them.  They are really worried about how much they spent last year on Yellow Pages and ask me how they can reduce their bill. 


The Yellow Pages answer is extremely easy …. but not often the one they want to hear.  You need to check for evidence of sales from the people that visit your site.  It isn't enough that people have looked at your profile on  You need them buying from you.  So a dedicated telephone number where you can track sales .. or track them from Yell to your shopping cart thank you page via Google Analytics makes perfect sense.  


If you can see evidence of sale you should check how profitable they are and continue if it is worth it .. if you aren't making sales or profit either improve your sales funnel . or stop advertising on this type of site.

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