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Marketing Magician’s Email Thoughts quoted alongside Facebook Vice President

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Email Marketing?


There are many and some of them are listed below but see also a short excerpt of a recent interview I did alongside Facebook's Vice President for Business & Marketing Partnerships .. it is quoted on Thomson Local amongst other places under the title   Email marketing 'can help when building client relationships'


Here are some more thoughts on the topic of Email marketing …. see also Zero Cost Marketing with Email Marketing


What are the advantages of email marketing?

Can email direct to someone’s in-tray and will attract attention if headline is compelling

Can send to named people who have opted in to receive information

Can add links to more information such as websites etc.

Can be from named people – people do business with people

Can be a step towards building relationships

Can be part of the relationship between people



Can be perceived as spam by both people and email systems – so make it useful and send only to people that have opted-in to receive information .. no junk or spam mail please!

Often not compelling – but can be if well written

Can get you blacklisted – unless you take precautions to be seen as a legitimate email and don't use a bulksender


Email is a great marketing channel and often under-used; but it does need care and attention if it is to work. 


There are a lot more Zero Cost Marketing with Email here

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