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Stefan Drew - The Marketing Magician

Free Business Marketing for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Attend this Free Business Marketing for SMEs event in Birmingham, UK



Do you find marketing expensive, time consuming and ineffective?


Then attend this free Marketing Magician event and learn

The Secrets of Free and Low Cost Business Marketing


Last month, without spending any money on marketing, I was heard by over one million people across the UK, several hundred thousand people also read about my work  .. this lead to signifcant new business and I am booked solid for months ahead.


The techniques I used to do this are not only free .. they are simple to follow and you could achieve the same success.  To see who it is done I am inviting you to attend a free marketing event in Birmingham, UK.


In under an hour I will demonstrate some very practical, free or low cost, very effective ways, in which businesses like yours can market themselves without needing any technical skills or huge budgets.


There will be time to ask questions afterwards but before that we will look at: –



  • How to get your business featured on radio, TV or in the press for free – I will explain I regularly gets on radio and have been heard by over a million people in a single day


  • How you can get your business, product or service on Page One of Google … and how I use this technique to gain customers from the other side of the world
  •  How to use direct mail effectively – see how I obtained a  23% response rate to letters sent to people I didn’t know


  • How to convert website visitors into customers – learn how I obtain the names of his website visitors and how he keeps in touch with them for years after their visit


Can you continue to manage your business without knowing all this?


Well look at the facts.


Most small business marketing fails most of the time.


Most businesses spend far too much on marketing


Without customers you don’t have a business.


You can use the same techniques as I do and achieve the same success.



Can you afford to ignore the chance to gain marketing expertise and grow your business?


Then attend this free Marketing Magician event and discover
some marketing magic.


Fee tickets are limited, so act fast.


Go to Free Business Marketing for Small and Medium Sized Businesses and reserve your ticket now

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