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Customer Marketing and Sales Starts in the Car Park

Yesterday I got to thinking about customers.  It started when I went to buy a couple of new laptops and, for a change, was a customer for a few hours.


This shopping experience got me thinking about how I'd decided to shop there and why…. and how this impacts not only my marketing but the whole customer experience.


I'd taken some advice from a couple of good friends with IT backgrounds and so had actually decided exactly which make and model to buy, subject to actually seeing the machine and checking that they keyboard suited me.  So the reason I didn't buy online was that I wanted to "test drive" the keyboard.


But what made me choose the particular retailer I visited?


Well I went to John Lewis as they had a better price and offered a two year warranty where everyone one else offered just one year….. but that wasn't the reason.  You see I don't particularly enjoy shopping.  All the crowds, poor quality advice and poor service that seems to the the norm….. and what about finding somewhere to park? 


Often the multi-storey car parks I visit are hard to negotiate as evidenced by the scrapes and layers of paint deposited on the walls and tight corners throughout the building.  Then there is the problem of finding a payment machine that is working.


The particular retailer I visited, John Lewis in Solihull, has several payment machines on each floor.  Better still the parking spaces are generous; the entrance and exits, light, airy and spacious and the shop can be entered from each floor of the car park.  When you couple this with good prices and warranties it is a real winner.  This is a retailer that has a reputation for thinking customer and it is obvious in everything they do … from building superb car parks to giving great service.


My real reason for using them wasn't just price.  It was the ease with which I could park!  Maybe I'm unusual but more and more people comment about the difficulty they experience in finding car parks that are easy to negotiate and I'm convinced that where time has been given to planning easily accessed parking the tills keep ringing.



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