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Who are Your Ten Best Customers?

Knowing Which Customers Provide the Bulk of Your Income is Vital


Once you know who your best customers are you can use this vital information to encourage them to spend more with you.  After all, according to the Pareto Principle, the best 20% of your customers probably bring you in about 80% of your business.


Assuming you know who your ten best customers are ….. How are you going to use this information to increase sales and customer satisfaction?


There are many ways to leverage this information.  Firstly you need to realise that not all customers are equal.  Those that bring most customer need to be treated differently  .. like kings and queens.  They are much more likely to buy more in future and it is up to you to ensure they do it really soon. 


I don't mean putting undue sales pressure on them.  That will turn them off.  But you do need to educate them about what else you have to offer and about the benefits of the products and services you have to offer.  Remember though this isn't about you .. it is about them and what they need and want.


There are hundreds of ways in which you can educate and influence clients, just watch this space more more helpful advice.  


As a starter here are ten reasons to call your customers

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