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How to Improve Your Sales Technique

Here are 3 quick tips to quickly boost your sales skills 


1. Phone your customers.  It is so easy to hide behind the internet, but getting on the phone and actually speaking to customers is so easy.  Set up a meeting with them them.  Maybe just for coffee .. or to discover their biggest challenges and try to help them.


2. Ask lots of questions about your products or services .. and those of your competitors . Ask the who, what, why, when, where, how .. about everything. Ask them of business partners, customers, suppliers … everyone.  Become curious about processes, equipment and people.  The information you discover can help you answer


3. Always look for the 3 P’s and share them quickly – Problem, Promise, and Proof.  I look back to these 3 constantly.  What problem do you solve?  What can you promise?  Where’s the proof?

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