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How to Automate Social Media

Automating Your Social Media Posts is easy if you use the right software .. and don't lose the personal touch. 


I'm often asked if it is possible to automate social media like Twitter and Facebook.  This is a topic where the answers from different "experts" are polarised.



Some respondents believe that this isn't possible as the whole idea of social media is to be social on a one to one basis and that automation destroys your ability to do this.



Of course in a sense it does.  But it needn't if you handle the whole process very carefully.  So for example to create this webpage I have used a Typepad blog based website that has the ability to post to social media when I post selected new pages.



This is very quick and definitely works.



Two things need to be taken into account though.  Firstly watch out for responses to your posts and reply to those on a one to one basis. Secondly don't have just one Twitter (or in some cases other social media) account. Virtually every business I come across needs to segment their market and therefore their social media.  If they don't they will be sending inappropriate messages to our followers.



Lastly remember that social media is only a tool for delivering relevant messages. The message, and its relevancy is more important than the media.

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