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Graffiti Marketing: Using Graffiti to Market a ……..

I recently sat next to a guy at a meeting ….. in less than an hour he received over a dozen emails and text.  The business he works for had hired an advertising agency to raise the businesses profile ….. and somehow it had backfired.

The agency had promised a campaign that would get lots of media coverage.  They put together a very clever graffiti campaign and sprayed a new £26m public building with graffiti. 


They achieved loads of media coverage .. .and the business got loads of complaints from irrate tax payers and the local council.


It may not stop there.  The Police are running an anti graffiti campaign.  I'll be surprised if the business doesn't get a visit … vandalism of public buildings can certainly get you a high media and Police profile.


Was this advertising agency totally stupid … and what about the client?


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