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Dispelling the Twitter Myths

What are the Myths about Twitter – How do I Overcome the Twitter Myths ?


1. It’s a young person’s thing No, the fastest growing demographic is 25 to 54 year olds. Facebook is for teens and Twitter is for adults.


2. No one is interested in what I had for breakfast True. Twitter is a way to educate, connect, learn, market, promote, advocate and engage with a community of people that you would not otherwise


3. I don’t have time to tweet You don’t need a lot of time to type 140 characters. Curating copy is quick and easy . Certain programs (Tweetdeck) make it easier to tweet and follow people.


4. I will not get anything out of it Like all things, you get what you put in. Particularly if you set objectives and have a plan


5. No one will follow me People will definitely follow you if you follow them. People will also follow you if you start tweeting and “retweet” them .

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